Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!! Our word for January...

Here's to a new year to look forward to! And what word could be more appropriate than DREAM. Our word for January to think about and focus on is DREAM.
"A dream is a wish your heart makes." ~ Cinderella
Do you have big dreams? Small dreams? What are you wishing for in the new year ahead?
I would say besides winning the lottery (everyone's big dream LOL), one of my big dreams would be to go to Europe. A more manageable big dream would be to make it the UK. If I had to squeeze to an even more do-able big dream, well, I couldn't narrow it down just yet to which part. But what I could do right now to bring that dream closer would be to start squirreling away a few dollars here and there. It might take a long time, but it's in the realm of possibility. Another one would be a train ride across Canada. That would be cool! You can thank the O Canada movie at the Canada pavilion in EPCOT for that one. LOL I'd also love to go back to PEI and also check out Novia Scotia and Newfoundland.
Now, closer to home.... I dream of keeping a clean house. LOL Not having a dishwasher makes the kitchen the hardest. I dream of getting closer to catching up in the scrapping. That's been my 'dream' the last couple of years. And speaking of home, I dream of a nice farmhouse on a good sized piece of land to call my own. Now between that dream and Europe, I think I have a better chance of going to Europe. But I can still dream.

In my dream, the angel shrugged & said, If we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination & then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.
~ Brian Andreas

Starting a new year....

It's almost here. 2012. Another year just flown by! Here's a little quote I've come across as we contemplate the new year and all that it holds. Something to think about as we embark on a new journey....

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life... it puts itself in our hands and hopes we've learnt something from yesterday.
John Wayne

Friday, December 30, 2011

One little word.... words to live by

So there is this thing in the scrapbooking community people are talking about and/or participating in called One Little Word. I guess the idea is you pick a word for the year that you focus on. It can be used as a goal to incorporate whatever your chosen word is into your life. There's even classes you can sign up for ($) that gives you prompts and stuff and you can scrapbook about it.
Working off this idea of 'one little word' I thought I'd do something similar. But on my blog - I probably won't scrapbook it (but you never know, we'll see) - and the word (or 2 word phrase) will change each month. I'm actually using a calendar from this past year for my words. At the beginning of each month I'll post the word(s) for the month to focus and reflect on. I hope you'll join me with the monthly word. I'd love to read your own thoughts and reflections. Let's take the journey together. Will you join me??

**Just to clarify. I will put up the word(s) that WE will focus on each month. You don't need to come up with your own. We will each share our own thoughts on the same word(s).

Monday, December 26, 2011

Being agnostic....

doesn't mean you are anti-religion or anything else of the like. It simply means that you don't know what to believe. You are not for or against either side. It's a lot of devil's advocate (har har) because you can argue with an atheist and argue with religious followers. Religious people argue with EACH OTHER of the same religion for crying out loud. Do you know how that makes it even harder? I think it's great that some people have such faith. I'm not against that. But don't get pissy at me because I point out the problem with things you are saying. It is perfectly okay with me if you celebrate Christmas as a birthday. I have a problem with saying that IS what it is, as if it is fact and everything else is false. That's bullshit. Just like I think it's bull when some Christians want to say Mormons, Jehovah's, Christian Scientists, and probably others are not Christian. Just because you think so, doesn't make it so and I will stick up for them when someone says otherwise.
If you're going to bring up religion, then don't expect everyone to agree with you. Or to keep quiet.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Definitely needed.... so hard to part with. Doing a tiny bit now but really need to concentrate on getting some more bits out after Christmas. Did you see the messes I already posted before?
I'm going through my scrap/card magazines. Pulling out pages here and there then I'll drop them off on the recycle shelf at the library. I know someone will snap them up quick. I have some idea mags that I'll keep as a whole for myself but I think I need to purge a bunch out.
I think I'll give a bit of my yarn to one of my speical olympic athletes who crochets. The colors I'm less likely to use on something. Some of them I got for free anyway that hubby picked up through freecycle or craigslist.
However, there's probably not much else I'm likely to get rid of. I do need to find some better ways to store and organize it so it's out of the way though. Some day I might actually get my own room and then it won't be as much of a problem. The other thing is I just need to start MAKING stuff with it. The fabrics I have bought over the years for clothing (though some was actually for my daughter and that's pretty much come to an end. ) Skirts I plan to make but keep putting off. I have some heavy twill that I'm either going to have to figure out something with or see if I can get money for it on craigslist. At least what I shelled out - which was $2 a yard from Walmart but it's a good fabric. Spring colors. There's the side of me that doesn't want to part with it and make clothes (but then I'd have to find a pattern for shorts or pants that are more tailored, not just an elastic waist) and the other side that says be practical and see if you can sell it first. If I had my own room, I could put it out in see-through bins on a shelf and admire it. LOL
I'll probably go through my clothes (not that I have an absolute ton like a lot of people) but I think I'd like to replace some of the sweaters I have. And get rid of some old pj's. In part because I don't wear the bottoms much I might as well just have short nightgowns since I just wear the tops to bed. (I like long nightgowns but they're hard to sleep in, getting all bunchy and twisted.) I'd like some new bras but shopping for those is a nightmare when you don't have much to fill them out. Basically, I find clothes and shoe shopping depressing. I've had times when I've pretty much cried. Ok, enough of those depressing thoughts....
I'd like to get rid of most of the sheets and get new ones. Separately, not sets - at least not for my bed. I don't think they make the top sheets big enough. They don't go over the sides much and then put 2 people under them. Most of them aren't long enough for a good tuck in at the foot either, but not much I can do about that part. Other than sew the ends of the flat and fitted sheets together. The way I see it, you really only need 2 sets of sheets per bed. Unless you also have winter sheets (flannel or fleece) then you would need 1 or 2 sets of those as well. The kids need new flannels for theirs. And for years I've been using the full size sheets for our bed on my son's, too, just tucking in all the extra. He should just have new sheets that fit his bed. A down comfortor for my bed would be nice. Ahh..... We have (IMO - hubby doesn't see it that way) too many blankets. There's not enough storage space in the house for one and I don't like the idea of putting them in the shed either. But then I have this grand idea of also saving them for quilts. They become the filling and maybe also the back side. I'd still have to open them up though because you always end up with that bunching of batting in the corners and sometimes along the sides of comforters.
I should probably put that little green machine, the Bissell carpet cleaner, out in the shed that's at the bottom of the small linen closet. It rarely gets pulled out, I might as well just run to the shed for that when I need it. That would free up just a tiny bit more room for something. Maybe those extra blankets! If I could do things my way (and with extremely little cost), I'd take out my bathroom sink/vanity and just put a small one in my bathroom. It's actually built separately like a little galley from by bedroom into the bathroom. Sink vanity on one side, my closet door and wall on the other. Then the space where the vanity is now could be turned into closet space.
Well, we'll see how I do in the upcoming weeks on my mission to declutter/organize at least a little bit. As long as I don't get too lazy, unmotivated, and overwhelmed.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

An afternoon in the kitchen....

I like NEVER make more than one kind of cookie in a day. But I had this bright idea I would make a bunch of cookies/candy today. Like other people do. So I set out with this list:
coconut macaroons
sugar cookies
chocolate covered peppermint marshmallows
chocolate peppermint chip cookies
oatmeal cookies
peppermint patties

I haven't made the oatmeal cookies yet. Or the sugar cookies - but the dough is made and in the fridge. I may put the sugar cookies off until tomorrow. Actually, I'm fairly sure I will. My lower back hurts. But I did make the other stuff. I even took count. 19 macaroons, 27 peppermint patties, 44 chocolate peppermint chip, and 21 chocolate covered marshallow poops. Yep, poops, because that is what the little lumps look like.

I will also take this opportunity to say I hate white 'chocolate'. For one, it's not chocolate and I don't like the taste. My son and husband do. And two, it's not chocolate so it doesn't melt as well. It sucks. I tried to make white poops with it and it was not cooperating. Well, it still looks like white poop. LOL But I didn't get it to melt right and the marshmallows wouldn't cover right. I think I'll have to do the stove method instead of the microwave when I make hubby's covered pretzels.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas surprises....

Yesterday I received a wonderful Christmas surprise in the mail from my (online) friend, Rosey. Actually, the surprise part was when she told me she was sending me something - it was too good a deal to pass up. I let her keep it a secret what it was but based on what she said about she'd tell me if I wanted to know and I could cross it off my Christmas list, I had a feeling they were Maeve Binchy books. We talked about them before. She sent me 3 of them - to add to the 2 I've gotten in the last couple of months. Wasn't that so sweet of her? I can't wait until she gets her Christmas card because just a day or two after she told me about the surprise I was in the store and found something I got for myself. And then I thought.... oh, Rosey will like these, too! It's just a very little something but I think (and I hope) it will give her a big smile.

Oh, so yesterday we (or I should say I - hubby was just getting them out of the closet) were wrapping presents. He hands me a box and tells me it's for our daughter (and he also tells me to be careful with it). I just figured it was a bunch of paperback books we got for her (manga). So I wrap it up and give it to him to put a tag on it. Then my daughter comes in and he has her put a tag on it she wrote on. I thought that was weird, having her write her own tag?? So I look - and it's actually for me. Yep, he had me wrap my own present! Then it all came together and I'm pretty sure I know what it is, too, since he told me to be careful. It's a set of pyrex mixing bowls I wanted (from the early 80's). If he hadn't done that I wouldn't have known whether or not he actually got them! There are some other presents I know about because I got them myself. (This usually doesn't happen.) One is a cricut cake machine because it was a really good deal. I'll be using it to cut paper actually - the cricut I have is smaller and doesn't have all the features either. The other is a stamp set because I was telling hubby about it and he said to just go ahead and get it. I'm almost sure there was somthing else that I picked up but for the life of me I can't remember, so if there is, that will be a surprise. And then I'll laugh at myself. LOL

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sharing a bed

I don't like it. I don't like sharing a bed. They had it right on t.v. in the old days - twin beds. LOL

Hubby is/gets cold and wants to pile more blankets on. I say put some clothes on! Last night I kept getting the blankets pulled off me. My bed stays neater and easier to make when I'm the only one who's been sleeping in it.

Now, of course I might miss it if I had lost my spouse or something. But right now, I love when I can get the bed to myself because hubby is on a trip. I sleep right in the middle of the bed. And I sleep better, too.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's here! My new cricut!

I got a cricut cake machine during a special sale. It came with 2 cartridges (one is a bonus) and free shipping. I have just the small original cricut - which will be 5 years old this Christmas, and this is a bigger machine. I'm using it for paper, not food. The cake blade works just fine on paper. Now I can cut stuff bigger than the max of 5 1/2 x 11 1/2 plus the other features it has the little machine doesn't. Woot! Now, part of justifying my buying it was to sell the cartridges it comes with. I have plenty of other cartridges to work with (and 3rd party software) so I don't need them. Selling them will help pay for the machine (or buy other goodies instead! gee, I like my thinking. ROFL) However, it is going under the tree (minus the cartridges). I only have to wait two weeks though - and I did make a test cut to make sure all was well.
If my few readers know anyone who might be interested here's a pic (one doesn't come sealed because it's bundled with the machine but never used - I used one of my own cartridges to make a test cut.) You can find images of the cartridge contents here:
cake seasonal cartridge
cake basics sample sheet
cake basics handbook pdf

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

People are like sandpaper...

I saw this on facebook the other day and I knew Pam would especially like it. LOL

Monday, December 5, 2011


Remember my mess I posted a few posts ago? Well, last night hubby and I were going through the Christmas presents to 'see where we're at'. They were stashed in the closet. So I tried to move some stuff so they'd fit better and I was thinking where/how I was going to put my stuff. Not just what I have in the closet, but out in the room, too. And it's a bit overwhelming... WHERE can I put it? My house is small, with a small, shared closet (as you could see). I seriously need my own room. *sigh* I don't want to get rid of my stuff. It's good stuff! Some of it is fabric and stuffing. And yarn. And yes, I already have stuff under my bed. I have an old (80's) suitcase and one underbed storage box with fabric in them. Part of my problem is I bought the fabric years ago at Walmart when I'd find good fabric for $2 a yard with intentions of making clothes for my daughter - and then didn't always do it. I could horrify my husband and start making my own pants. In spring colors. ROFL I have a few fabrics that are a twill. Actually, I'd love to have some tailored pants. It's hard to find stuff that fits right.
I'm really going to have to figure out what to do with stuff after Christmas. I really don't like having all this stuff everywhere. And I need to get to work on more projects with this stuff.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, that is aggravating...

I was dyeing some corduroys black. I did it previously in a washing machine but they didn't turn out black. More purply grey. So this time I did it in a pot on the stove. Spent a half hour stirring that darn pot.

Then it turns out there some spots and areas the dye missed. Guess it was a bit scrunched there. grrrrrrr! I guess I can buy the liquid dye and blot it onto those areas. My once 'free' pants are now costing me near $10. *sigh*

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Extending your liquid eyeliner...

This past year I have discovered the joy of liquid eyeliner. No need to stretch, tug, pull or anything else your eyelid.

Well, it now seems to be running out of pigment or something because I'm getting mostly liquid and not much color coming out (mine is a sort of marker type). Now, normally I use a brown eyeliner and dab a dark brown eyeshadow on top so I don't have to wait for it to dry and it kind of 'fixes' the eyeliner. Well, now that I'm getting mostly liquid I'm finding this little trick also works to extend my use of the liquid eyeliner AND you can change the color of the liner by using some other shade of eye shadow.

BTW - some people line 'only' their bottom eyelids. I'm here to tell you it does NOT look good. Make your face look more depressed or something.
Some people can pull off lining the whole eye. I just do my top lid and the outside corner of the bottom.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


What is it that Pa and Ma Ingalls often said? There isn't a loss without some gain.
Well, I'm not that crazy about the arrangment I made here. A bit of a disappointment after spending $5 (that's after a 50% off coupon) on a eucalyptus bunch since I couldn't find plain pine Christmas picks. The upside is the eucalyptus covers the weird smell my house has. LOL

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lousy day....

Usual taxi service... drive daughter to school. Son's class didn't start til 10 so come home for a bit, take son to college. Drive back up to go to Michaels to look for greenery for this project. Bust. Drive down to JoAnn to look and figure I'll wait around until he gets out of class. Ok, class should be over now I'll start heading over. I call - oh, he has his meeting with his academic coach or counselor. WTF. I can't remember everyone's schedule all the time, thanks for reminding me. I'm not sitting down there for half an hour. Take the bus up to Walmart. I head to Michaels again (since I called and told hubby about a stamp set I want, figuring maybe he could get it for Christmas and it's on sale. He says to pick it up.) I'm in turning lane (right) and the car that WAS in front of me before reaching the turning lane decides last minute it wants to turn, too. So the idiot nearly causes an accident by suddenly pulling over. Of course I laid on the horn. I have a horn and WILL use it. (Hubby annoys me - he doesn't use it hardly but I have to listen to him gripe and/or holler about the other drivers.) I'm leaving Michaels and an SUV pulls up to the left of me and forward completely blocking my view of traffic so I can pull out to the right. Jerk. And while I'm in Michaels my son calls wanting me to come back and get him because HE'D have to wait awhile for the bus. grrr!
My house is a pig stye. 'Cause you know, why should anyone beside me clean anything without being told? (Eliciting a wonderful reaction from my son. Note sarcasm.)

Ok, I will post something good though because a lot of people don't like to read just a complaint. So I will show you this set that I had picked up at Michaels for 40% off the $14.99 price ($8.99). I've been wanting a custom set (she has another one, too, that I also want that has rectangular blocks and a script monogram alpha) so I can make greetings for cards that I don't have stamps for. I also bought 2 $1 wooden stamps. Not that I needed them. I have holly. But it was cute. And the flower I thought would be neat to cut on the inside petal lines and pop up.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Down came the fall decor (and wouldn't you know it - I got the bins in the shed and later realized I missed 2 garlands, the one in the LR/kitchen entry and the one on the light fixture. I had this nagging feeling there had to be more. I don't know if I didn't look up enough or it just didn't register.)

Up went the Christmas decor. Well, most of it. A couple wreaths to go. Took all afternoon to get the tree assembled and the lights on. All 1000 of them. I put the lights on while I assembled the tree (adding branches) which makes it much easier. I run them up and down each branch which gives the tree lots of light and depth. It's just a pain near the top because the top piece is made up of those long single branches that come out of the 'trunk', not multi-stemmed. I was thinking the decorations would go on when hubby got home from work but that didn't happen. I'll have to climb in the closet and dig them out myself - which will require moving 3 huge boxes first (if you read my Score post, it's the 3 Rock Band boxes - which are on top of other stuff on the floor (if you saw my mess post) so it's pretty high. Can't climb over.)

There's a lighted wreath I want to put in the window of our new front door but plugging it in presents a problem. I think there's a plug behind the hutch I could use by running an extension cord - that way the door opening isn't an issue. But the hutch weighs a ton and I do NOT want to unload it just to reach the plug. However, at this VERY moment I have thought of another idea! I could run the cord the same way (to the hinge side) but bring it over the top of the door frame and down the other side to reach a plug. I'm sure this will require 2 extension cords. I'm not using a big, ugly orange or green one. I will have to give this a whirl tomorrow and see how it works out.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner....

My MIL wanted to have it at her house this year. Which was fine by me - a lot less work. Actually, I really didn't have to do anything this year. She has a dishwasher and I don't. And we can leave when we're ready. LOL This year there was only one small 'fight'. There's a tradition I could do without. *eyeroll* At least it was a short outburst.

After we ate we had the usual game of Skip-Bo. How the hell does my MIL win so often?? She just has some kind of luck with that game.

Here's the food we left with. (Oh, and it was just 5 of us. My family of 4 and MIL.) That doesn't even show the bottles of soda and the ice cream. And then the half bag or more of potatoes she put on top.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hubby and I went on a Christmas shopping expedition yesterday. Didn't have much luck at Target or Kohl's (which we rarely go into - neither of us care for the store and a bit towards the pricier side.) Went into KMart.
Check out my Halloween t-shirt bargain. LOL 90% off = $1.29

We got the first 7 Harry Potter dvd's for my daughter for $3.99 each, and then the new release of Part 2 for $14.99. We also found the X-Box 360 The Beatles Rock Band clearance stickered (and rang up for)............... $20! We got the 3 there, one for my son, and the other two to sell though hubby did offer one to one of his employees if she wanted it for her kids.

It was so much easier and more fun to shop for the kids when they were little though. *sigh*

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I can dress decent again...

After at least a week or more (probably closer to two) of wearing my 'painty' clothes while working on my painting my daughter's room (and some furniture). I'd wear them 2 or 3 days, wash, and wear again. Well, I do have a second pair of painty jeans. A few times I'd had to change out of them to go somewhere - but if it was just the grocery store I went looking like a bum.

I'm ready for a nice, hot bath....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just found out my friend's mother passed away. I was actually googling for my friend's address to send a Thanksgiving card when I came across the obituary. Her mom was only 69 but has been in the hospital for awhile with an illness.

I was just going to post on my friends facebook page and ask how her mom was doing. But I saw some other posts that were foreboding so I thought maybe I shouldn't ask. Then right after that is when I found the obituary doing a google search with my friend's name.

I feel so sad. Which may be kind of odd considering. This friend I had in 8th grade. We moved before the school year was even over but kept in touch for awhile. Lost touch around the end of high school or after. I recently found her/reconnected on FB. I think I might have met her mother once, but I don't really remember. But I am so sad anyway. Like, lump-in-the-throat sad. :(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Victory rolls

Not bread... the hairstyle. LOL From the 40's. Wow, women just looked sooo good in the 40's! Anyway, I came across this blog the other day Diary of a Vintage Girl. She does it so well! I'm trying to do the victory rolls in my hair but it's not quite as easy as it looks. I think part of my problem is my hands keep rolling towards the back instead of toward the top.
It's a shame people don't dress nice like they used to. The 70's might've been a bad style decade but there was still effort in looking good. When people went out, they dressed for it. You didn't go to a show wearing what you wore every day (well, unless if you worked in an office maybe. LOL) Nowadays, some people can't even be bothered taking off their pajamas before going to the store. *eyeroll*

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bless this mess....

I thought I'd entertain you (and perhaps make you feel better... or... misery loves company. LOL) Here is a quick tour of my bedroom and closet.
This is from my doorway and going clockwise from left to right. There's even some things on the other side of the bed on the floor you can't see. :p Now, a good amount of the time I actually make my bed because I like getting into a made up bed and having the blankets the way they should be. And the blue one usually is not on it but my husband keeps dragging it in because he's cold. I tell him to put some clothes on. *eyeroll* That blue comforter is actually going to become part of a quilt. I'm going to make a top that will be quilted and bound to the comforter making it the middle and back parts.

So, here's my sewing table which is doubling as my computer desk. I could use it on my scrap desk which would make my sewing table neater (well, once I get the other junk off) but that presents it's own problem. You'll see in the next pic. LOL

My scrap area. Most of the time I have to do the scrap-crap-shuffle so I can use at least a small part of the desk for scrapping or cardmaking. Sometimes I just pull out the writing surface. LOL I seriously need my own room for the sewing, crafts, and scrapping. I don't have room for stuff. When you see my closet you'll see why. It's small (like 5 x 6 feet) and shared. Anyway, on the floor and under the pillows (normally on my bed when made up) are a couple of things I have to get rid of. One to go on Craigslist and the other is a box with an afghan I made for my mother. That'll be going in the mail soon.

Then we have my bureau piled with crap. Sometimes I get it cleaned off and it lasts awhile - then it all goes to pot again. I need to stop doing that. Check out my new straw hat. I got it for $5 clearance (half price) at a hardware store we stopped into. Now I have a garden and beach hat. Woohoo!! I do have a green cotton one I wear but I've been wanting a straw one - nice wide brim. As you can see, I also have more stuff on the other side by the wall. In the corner of the pic you can just see the edge of a small, wood bookshelf. It's next to hubby's bureau - of which you can see in my mirror. With his crap on it. And the stuff piled on top of the bookshelf. LOL

And here we have the closet. Small and shared. Hubby gets the left side (also the longest side) and I have the back wall. But I also have another shelf the runs along the other side high enough so the door can open under it. As you can see, it makes it a little hard to reach my clothes.

Ok, I figured you'll want to see the shelves up higher so I went back and took one more pic. That shelf with sweaters is full when I have them all up there. Actually, I have a few I need to put away from the clean laundry.

I'm not showing my kitchen though. Maybe only when I clean it up and post after pics at the same time. LOL It's mostly a dish problem though. I don't have a dishwasher. :( I also need a new mop. Or find a mophead that fits my current one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My arms are sore....

So I spent all day yesterday on paint removal. Went and got some more denatured alcohol and some steel wool. (Hey, Pam, I finally found a use for that denatured alcohol after my little alcohol burner died. LOL) The vanity table is done with removal. It's not all bare wood - and it looks VERY shabby chic right now. LOL I'm still not done the chair.
Now I have to figure out how to fix a sticky spot on the bookshelf I painted. WTH. grrr. It's not drying, it's tacky. Just this one small spot. I googled. That was useless. So here's the plan - wish me luck. I'm going to rub some denatured alcohol on the spot, give it a wash/rinse, then try and paint over it with a brush. I'll have to spray some paint into a puddle on something. Hopefully, that will work. There is no way in hell I'm removing paint and respraying the shelf. I'm just glad they made the spray buttons on those cans a little bigger. Ever get spray-finger-itis from doing a lot of spray painting?
It's supposed to rain today so I didn't put on the grungy clothes to do more paint removal. It's cloudy but not raining yet. I figured it was a good excuse for a break but now I wonder if I should get back to the grindstone with that chair. Or I could paint the mirror. Or start on the vanity with the primer coat.
I shall consult the weather channel's website.... and then possibly ignore it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What was I thinking??

So I've got this little vanity and chair that's in my daughter's room right now. (Some day when she moves out, it's mine. :p I just don't have room for it anywhere else.) My husband got it free a couple years ago - guess it didn't sell in the neighborhood yardsale so they were giving it away. Well, now I'm giving it a makeover for my daughter's room but since it has up to 4 coats of paint in some areas, I figured I need to strip it. I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for the last coat of paint that was put on it. That one is peeling off from what's underneath. Incompatible or something. I've only just started on the vanity part. What a mess. What a pain! I think with what I've managed to scrape off, I can get the top okay. I can sand that. But the legs are going to be hard since they're round and curvy. I bought a 3 pack of disposable chemical-resistant gloves and I've gone through 2 of them. I should listen to myself because I had a feeling deep down, you know, that tiniest little voice you almost don't hear, saying don't go with the spray stripper, get the one in the can. Pay the few dollars more. But 1. I figure spray is easier; 2. it was cheaper (but obviously not if you might have to buy more!) and 3. I was afraid I'd end up with a lot of leftover paint stripper I didn't need. I also knew I should've started trying rubbing alcohol first because for those who don't know - you can actually remove some latex paint with it.
Did I mention this sucks?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ok... about those sundials in my earlier post....

I am too simple minded to understand this good explanation. I will not attempt to make a sundial any time soon. Especially if I'm looking for accuracy.
How do sundials work?

Daylight savings time...

Ok, we're at the end of it. Yay! Now who's with me? DST is stupid!! You aren't saving daylight. As one person put it in a comment I saw on an article - only the gov't would think that by cutting 12 inches from the bottom of a blanket and sewing it to the top could they make a longer blanket. LOL
Ok, I read it had to do with energy savings back in WW2 (needing to use lightbulbs earlier in the evening). I guess it didn't occur to people that if it was that big of an issue - change your business hours, not the clocks. :p Which brings me to a thought I had this morning about sundials. (You wouldn't believe the random thoughts I have in my head all the time. LOL) So, if a sundial is 12 noon when the sun is at the highest point in the sky - that would mean we'd have to subtract an hour to get the right time from a sundial in the summer wouldn't we? And how does a sundial work at other times of the year? Lower sun and all that. I'm going to have to look that up....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

a new blog

Even though I already have one. But that's for stuff I make or decorate, that sort of thing. Not just random rambling about whatever. Which, if you managed to find your way here, you might find not all that interesting. In that case... there are a kajillion other blogs out there that may be more interesting.

Ok, so that's my first post because I don't know what else to say for my first post. Maybe I will be more interesting next time. But I don't make any promises.