Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bless this mess....

I thought I'd entertain you (and perhaps make you feel better... or... misery loves company. LOL) Here is a quick tour of my bedroom and closet.
This is from my doorway and going clockwise from left to right. There's even some things on the other side of the bed on the floor you can't see. :p Now, a good amount of the time I actually make my bed because I like getting into a made up bed and having the blankets the way they should be. And the blue one usually is not on it but my husband keeps dragging it in because he's cold. I tell him to put some clothes on. *eyeroll* That blue comforter is actually going to become part of a quilt. I'm going to make a top that will be quilted and bound to the comforter making it the middle and back parts.

So, here's my sewing table which is doubling as my computer desk. I could use it on my scrap desk which would make my sewing table neater (well, once I get the other junk off) but that presents it's own problem. You'll see in the next pic. LOL

My scrap area. Most of the time I have to do the scrap-crap-shuffle so I can use at least a small part of the desk for scrapping or cardmaking. Sometimes I just pull out the writing surface. LOL I seriously need my own room for the sewing, crafts, and scrapping. I don't have room for stuff. When you see my closet you'll see why. It's small (like 5 x 6 feet) and shared. Anyway, on the floor and under the pillows (normally on my bed when made up) are a couple of things I have to get rid of. One to go on Craigslist and the other is a box with an afghan I made for my mother. That'll be going in the mail soon.

Then we have my bureau piled with crap. Sometimes I get it cleaned off and it lasts awhile - then it all goes to pot again. I need to stop doing that. Check out my new straw hat. I got it for $5 clearance (half price) at a hardware store we stopped into. Now I have a garden and beach hat. Woohoo!! I do have a green cotton one I wear but I've been wanting a straw one - nice wide brim. As you can see, I also have more stuff on the other side by the wall. In the corner of the pic you can just see the edge of a small, wood bookshelf. It's next to hubby's bureau - of which you can see in my mirror. With his crap on it. And the stuff piled on top of the bookshelf. LOL

And here we have the closet. Small and shared. Hubby gets the left side (also the longest side) and I have the back wall. But I also have another shelf the runs along the other side high enough so the door can open under it. As you can see, it makes it a little hard to reach my clothes.

Ok, I figured you'll want to see the shelves up higher so I went back and took one more pic. That shelf with sweaters is full when I have them all up there. Actually, I have a few I need to put away from the clean laundry.

I'm not showing my kitchen though. Maybe only when I clean it up and post after pics at the same time. LOL It's mostly a dish problem though. I don't have a dishwasher. :( I also need a new mop. Or find a mophead that fits my current one.

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Squirrel said...

That there is a lesson in how to maximise your space! Go Tam!
Rosey x