Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lousy day....

Usual taxi service... drive daughter to school. Son's class didn't start til 10 so come home for a bit, take son to college. Drive back up to go to Michaels to look for greenery for this project. Bust. Drive down to JoAnn to look and figure I'll wait around until he gets out of class. Ok, class should be over now I'll start heading over. I call - oh, he has his meeting with his academic coach or counselor. WTF. I can't remember everyone's schedule all the time, thanks for reminding me. I'm not sitting down there for half an hour. Take the bus up to Walmart. I head to Michaels again (since I called and told hubby about a stamp set I want, figuring maybe he could get it for Christmas and it's on sale. He says to pick it up.) I'm in turning lane (right) and the car that WAS in front of me before reaching the turning lane decides last minute it wants to turn, too. So the idiot nearly causes an accident by suddenly pulling over. Of course I laid on the horn. I have a horn and WILL use it. (Hubby annoys me - he doesn't use it hardly but I have to listen to him gripe and/or holler about the other drivers.) I'm leaving Michaels and an SUV pulls up to the left of me and forward completely blocking my view of traffic so I can pull out to the right. Jerk. And while I'm in Michaels my son calls wanting me to come back and get him because HE'D have to wait awhile for the bus. grrr!
My house is a pig stye. 'Cause you know, why should anyone beside me clean anything without being told? (Eliciting a wonderful reaction from my son. Note sarcasm.)

Ok, I will post something good though because a lot of people don't like to read just a complaint. So I will show you this set that I had picked up at Michaels for 40% off the $14.99 price ($8.99). I've been wanting a custom set (she has another one, too, that I also want that has rectangular blocks and a script monogram alpha) so I can make greetings for cards that I don't have stamps for. I also bought 2 $1 wooden stamps. Not that I needed them. I have holly. But it was cute. And the flower I thought would be neat to cut on the inside petal lines and pop up.


Anonymous said...

You never fail to make me smile. LOL I hope tomorrow is better.

Chris said...

Lol Tam, you just brought back all the memories of motherhood! I do love your stamps though.