Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random thought....

My mind goes off on all sorts of tracks.
So this morning I was thinking about how my house needs to be cleaned. Then especially the kitchen floor. Which made me think of how I still need to fix the toe-kick area under the sink cabinets. That got me thinking about someone's kitchen remodel (and wondering if they donated the cabinets or ruined them and threw them out). So that got me wishing I could remodel my kitchen. Heck, a new house. LOL Which made me think of someone else's husband who did a deep energy retrofit on their house. And THAT made me think of the dugout house Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in on Plum Creek and if the roof was made of sod - how did they not get when when it rained since rainwater percolates through the ground?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

long time no see....

I haven't posted anything since the day after my birthday. So much for 'rambling' eh?
Had a very nice Christmas - even got a white one! It snowed Christmas morning and I was very happy to see that. Otherwise, it had been brown and green. All of our snow has decided to come after Christmas. It's been a bit windy, too, and it seems no matter which way I turned so did the wind so half the time I was snowblowing the driveway today the snow was coming back at me. At least it's powdery and blowing off the roof so I won't have to climb up there and shovel it off. Clearing up the driveway and steps has left me knackered and I don't feel like doing much of anything now. Knackered - now that's a good word. And no, I'm not British. But I've got British friends and read British novels (Rosamunde Pilcher being one of my favorite authors), and have watched several British tv shows (we own quite a few on dvd). Close enough. LOL

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blinkers are not optional...

I just remebered I meant to mention this the other day. LOL
Blinkers (aka turn signals, directionals) are not optional. They are not some nifty little gadget they included with your car that you only use if you feel like it. Their use is part of the rules of the road/law for driving a vehicle. Really, it's not hard to use them. Stop being so damn lazy! Oh, and they're meant for ADVANCE warning of turning. If you decide to use the blinker at the moment you're about to turn you're too late and you've missed the point of the blinker. I can figure out you're going to turn! Likewise, if you get into a turning lane first.
And one more thing - just because you flipped on your blinker doesn't mean it gives you an automatic pass to come over in someone's lane. Flicking it on and then immediately pulling over in front of traffic is NOT okay.
What's so hard to understand?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's like a vicious circle...

You have a mess. So you need to organize. Only you have to make a bigger mess in order to organize. And if you lose your mojo before you're done you still have a mess!
I'm trying to tackle getting my closet and bedroom a bit more organized and trying to move the crap out of my room into the closet. Under the bed is already taken. Until someone moves out my and hubby's bedroom is never going to look like a nice, neat bedroom because I have my scrap area and a sewing table in it. It's pretty tight and crowded. We have to share a 5 x 6 closet so there's not a lot space there either for stuff. So that also looks crammed. I'm trying to make it look like organized crammed instead of a huge cluttered mess.  It's not like I really have a LOT of stuff. I just don't have enough house! At least, not for having hobbies.
Someday I might be able to update the 'before' picture I posted awhile ago. It was supposed to motivate me. That didn't turn out very well.....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random thoughts...

I get lots of them, especially in  the shower. However, that is obviously not a good time to blog about random thoughts! When I 'm actually at the computer my thoughts fly out the window. I can't think of any good or interesting ones I've had. I just remember I had some. LOL
I'm seriously racking my brain right now and I've got nothing. I'll have to get back to you.
Oh, there's a thought! If I had one of those voice activated programs that would type what you say I could talk in the shower and blog. Hmmm..... not when anyone is home though and I usually shower at night. Eh, scratch that idea... (yeah, like I was going to go out and get one of them programs anyway. LOL)

Friday, September 7, 2012

State fair

If you haven't seen my other blog, you can check out what I entered and how I fared in the state fair on this post.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sure is quiet around here....

LOL So I thought I'd get back to rambling about something and then... nothing. (blogger needs all kinds of smilies we can stick in here)
Anyway, I did spend a lot of time working on projects to enter in the state fair. Right after the fair, I go through and think about all the things I want to do for the next fair. And then I promptly put it off so here I was doing stuff just a month or so before! Last year I didn't get anything done to enter at all.
Maybe... just maybe... I have learned to start earlier this year. Especially after my quilt disaster (this involved melting seams with a hot iron because I used polyester thread). Learning stuff the hard way sucks. Though it probably makes a bigger impression. :p
The fair is Labor Day weekend - so I'll have pics to share on my other blog after that. And I'll link to it here.