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Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My arms are sore....

So I spent all day yesterday on paint removal. Went and got some more denatured alcohol and some steel wool. (Hey, Pam, I finally found a use for that denatured alcohol after my little alcohol burner died. LOL) The vanity table is done with removal. It's not all bare wood - and it looks VERY shabby chic right now. LOL I'm still not done the chair.
Now I have to figure out how to fix a sticky spot on the bookshelf I painted. WTH. grrr. It's not drying, it's tacky. Just this one small spot. I googled. That was useless. So here's the plan - wish me luck. I'm going to rub some denatured alcohol on the spot, give it a wash/rinse, then try and paint over it with a brush. I'll have to spray some paint into a puddle on something. Hopefully, that will work. There is no way in hell I'm removing paint and respraying the shelf. I'm just glad they made the spray buttons on those cans a little bigger. Ever get spray-finger-itis from doing a lot of spray painting?
It's supposed to rain today so I didn't put on the grungy clothes to do more paint removal. It's cloudy but not raining yet. I figured it was a good excuse for a break but now I wonder if I should get back to the grindstone with that chair. Or I could paint the mirror. Or start on the vanity with the primer coat.
I shall consult the weather channel's website.... and then possibly ignore it.

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Chris said...

I'm fortunate, Howard doesn't mind a little paint removal, actually he's done a lot of it in both our places. When I was doing a paint job, I sent the six chairs to the stripper! I'm dying to see how you finish your vanity set.