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Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Down came the fall decor (and wouldn't you know it - I got the bins in the shed and later realized I missed 2 garlands, the one in the LR/kitchen entry and the one on the light fixture. I had this nagging feeling there had to be more. I don't know if I didn't look up enough or it just didn't register.)

Up went the Christmas decor. Well, most of it. A couple wreaths to go. Took all afternoon to get the tree assembled and the lights on. All 1000 of them. I put the lights on while I assembled the tree (adding branches) which makes it much easier. I run them up and down each branch which gives the tree lots of light and depth. It's just a pain near the top because the top piece is made up of those long single branches that come out of the 'trunk', not multi-stemmed. I was thinking the decorations would go on when hubby got home from work but that didn't happen. I'll have to climb in the closet and dig them out myself - which will require moving 3 huge boxes first (if you read my Score post, it's the 3 Rock Band boxes - which are on top of other stuff on the floor (if you saw my mess post) so it's pretty high. Can't climb over.)

There's a lighted wreath I want to put in the window of our new front door but plugging it in presents a problem. I think there's a plug behind the hutch I could use by running an extension cord - that way the door opening isn't an issue. But the hutch weighs a ton and I do NOT want to unload it just to reach the plug. However, at this VERY moment I have thought of another idea! I could run the cord the same way (to the hinge side) but bring it over the top of the door frame and down the other side to reach a plug. I'm sure this will require 2 extension cords. I'm not using a big, ugly orange or green one. I will have to give this a whirl tomorrow and see how it works out.

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Chris said...

I keep forgetting about this blog Tam. It's nice to read about your shopping and decorating. I love the t-shirt you bought. About Christmas shopping for the children, it gets even harder to shop as the kids grow, get married and have their children - and even more expensive. Then it gets easier, all you have to do is hand over moula - they like that much better than gifts. Then comes the time when it all starts over again and they have kids!