Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just found out my friend's mother passed away. I was actually googling for my friend's address to send a Thanksgiving card when I came across the obituary. Her mom was only 69 but has been in the hospital for awhile with an illness.

I was just going to post on my friends facebook page and ask how her mom was doing. But I saw some other posts that were foreboding so I thought maybe I shouldn't ask. Then right after that is when I found the obituary doing a google search with my friend's name.

I feel so sad. Which may be kind of odd considering. This friend I had in 8th grade. We moved before the school year was even over but kept in touch for awhile. Lost touch around the end of high school or after. I recently found her/reconnected on FB. I think I might have met her mother once, but I don't really remember. But I am so sad anyway. Like, lump-in-the-throat sad. :(

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Anonymous said...

I've been on the other side of that...as you know. Let her know that you are thinking of her. It will help. You're a good friend.