Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Definitely needed.... so hard to part with. Doing a tiny bit now but really need to concentrate on getting some more bits out after Christmas. Did you see the messes I already posted before?
I'm going through my scrap/card magazines. Pulling out pages here and there then I'll drop them off on the recycle shelf at the library. I know someone will snap them up quick. I have some idea mags that I'll keep as a whole for myself but I think I need to purge a bunch out.
I think I'll give a bit of my yarn to one of my speical olympic athletes who crochets. The colors I'm less likely to use on something. Some of them I got for free anyway that hubby picked up through freecycle or craigslist.
However, there's probably not much else I'm likely to get rid of. I do need to find some better ways to store and organize it so it's out of the way though. Some day I might actually get my own room and then it won't be as much of a problem. The other thing is I just need to start MAKING stuff with it. The fabrics I have bought over the years for clothing (though some was actually for my daughter and that's pretty much come to an end. ) Skirts I plan to make but keep putting off. I have some heavy twill that I'm either going to have to figure out something with or see if I can get money for it on craigslist. At least what I shelled out - which was $2 a yard from Walmart but it's a good fabric. Spring colors. There's the side of me that doesn't want to part with it and make clothes (but then I'd have to find a pattern for shorts or pants that are more tailored, not just an elastic waist) and the other side that says be practical and see if you can sell it first. If I had my own room, I could put it out in see-through bins on a shelf and admire it. LOL
I'll probably go through my clothes (not that I have an absolute ton like a lot of people) but I think I'd like to replace some of the sweaters I have. And get rid of some old pj's. In part because I don't wear the bottoms much I might as well just have short nightgowns since I just wear the tops to bed. (I like long nightgowns but they're hard to sleep in, getting all bunchy and twisted.) I'd like some new bras but shopping for those is a nightmare when you don't have much to fill them out. Basically, I find clothes and shoe shopping depressing. I've had times when I've pretty much cried. Ok, enough of those depressing thoughts....
I'd like to get rid of most of the sheets and get new ones. Separately, not sets - at least not for my bed. I don't think they make the top sheets big enough. They don't go over the sides much and then put 2 people under them. Most of them aren't long enough for a good tuck in at the foot either, but not much I can do about that part. Other than sew the ends of the flat and fitted sheets together. The way I see it, you really only need 2 sets of sheets per bed. Unless you also have winter sheets (flannel or fleece) then you would need 1 or 2 sets of those as well. The kids need new flannels for theirs. And for years I've been using the full size sheets for our bed on my son's, too, just tucking in all the extra. He should just have new sheets that fit his bed. A down comfortor for my bed would be nice. Ahh..... We have (IMO - hubby doesn't see it that way) too many blankets. There's not enough storage space in the house for one and I don't like the idea of putting them in the shed either. But then I have this grand idea of also saving them for quilts. They become the filling and maybe also the back side. I'd still have to open them up though because you always end up with that bunching of batting in the corners and sometimes along the sides of comforters.
I should probably put that little green machine, the Bissell carpet cleaner, out in the shed that's at the bottom of the small linen closet. It rarely gets pulled out, I might as well just run to the shed for that when I need it. That would free up just a tiny bit more room for something. Maybe those extra blankets! If I could do things my way (and with extremely little cost), I'd take out my bathroom sink/vanity and just put a small one in my bathroom. It's actually built separately like a little galley from by bedroom into the bathroom. Sink vanity on one side, my closet door and wall on the other. Then the space where the vanity is now could be turned into closet space.
Well, we'll see how I do in the upcoming weeks on my mission to declutter/organize at least a little bit. As long as I don't get too lazy, unmotivated, and overwhelmed.

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Chris said...

They used to say 3 sets of sheets per bed, one on the bed, one in the closet and one in the laundry. I swear that must have been before washing machines (yes, I remember it well!), because I really only need two sets, I do have an extra elegant set though, with pleated details, but I think I must be saving to use that set for visitors or something, can't seem to use it. Good luck on your sorting and sifting Tam, unlike me, you seem to have a good handle on the situation.