Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, December 17, 2011

An afternoon in the kitchen....

I like NEVER make more than one kind of cookie in a day. But I had this bright idea I would make a bunch of cookies/candy today. Like other people do. So I set out with this list:
coconut macaroons
sugar cookies
chocolate covered peppermint marshmallows
chocolate peppermint chip cookies
oatmeal cookies
peppermint patties

I haven't made the oatmeal cookies yet. Or the sugar cookies - but the dough is made and in the fridge. I may put the sugar cookies off until tomorrow. Actually, I'm fairly sure I will. My lower back hurts. But I did make the other stuff. I even took count. 19 macaroons, 27 peppermint patties, 44 chocolate peppermint chip, and 21 chocolate covered marshallow poops. Yep, poops, because that is what the little lumps look like.

I will also take this opportunity to say I hate white 'chocolate'. For one, it's not chocolate and I don't like the taste. My son and husband do. And two, it's not chocolate so it doesn't melt as well. It sucks. I tried to make white poops with it and it was not cooperating. Well, it still looks like white poop. LOL But I didn't get it to melt right and the marshmallows wouldn't cover right. I think I'll have to do the stove method instead of the microwave when I make hubby's covered pretzels.


coconut said...

Hey Tam, It's Sue from Cakeballs, cookies and more. You are the second place winner!!! I am sorry I did not have your email, just contact me at suealexander1@gmail.com please so I can get your mailing address.


Oh and I was in the kitchen all day too, goodness, we probably both have the same problem with white chocolate. No matter what I do!

Chris said...

I'm glad you said white chocolate isn't really chocolate. I've been saying that for years, but not a soul believes me! You are the Queen of ambition making all those cookies and getting your gifts all wrapped up, - mine are never done before Christmas Eve.
I know - you are competing with Martha Stewart!