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~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's here! My new cricut!

I got a cricut cake machine during a special sale. It came with 2 cartridges (one is a bonus) and free shipping. I have just the small original cricut - which will be 5 years old this Christmas, and this is a bigger machine. I'm using it for paper, not food. The cake blade works just fine on paper. Now I can cut stuff bigger than the max of 5 1/2 x 11 1/2 plus the other features it has the little machine doesn't. Woot! Now, part of justifying my buying it was to sell the cartridges it comes with. I have plenty of other cartridges to work with (and 3rd party software) so I don't need them. Selling them will help pay for the machine (or buy other goodies instead! gee, I like my thinking. ROFL) However, it is going under the tree (minus the cartridges). I only have to wait two weeks though - and I did make a test cut to make sure all was well.
If my few readers know anyone who might be interested here's a pic (one doesn't come sealed because it's bundled with the machine but never used - I used one of my own cartridges to make a test cut.) You can find images of the cartridge contents here:
cake seasonal cartridge
cake basics sample sheet
cake basics handbook pdf

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Chris said...

lol Tam, I like your way of thinking. This way you have to buy it first in order to sell the cartridges. Good luck on your selling, they are filled with some lovely designs.