Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get healthy....

Those are the words for this month. Definitely something to work on because none of us are getting any younger! (And if you found some magical elixer, you better share it with me!)
Right now it's snowing out. A storm moved in yesterday so at some point today I will be getting exercise in since there's be shoveling to do.
On the days it's milder outside I can go for a walk. Not a fan of walking in the cold. And so some of the other kinds of exercises on Wii Fit Plus. Those chilly days I can just use the Wii - it even has a running course.
This summer I'd like to go out hiking every week. I need to start working on that stamina now!


TR said...

No elixer just better eating habits for me.
I do wish I enjoyed exercise however.

Robin said...

Hi, Tam! Our son, daughter-in-law and graddaughter Zoey live up in CT...wonder if you are nearby. Anyway, maybe reading you can get me moving on some exercise. I was doing so well for a while...