Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Friday, February 10, 2012

Time out....

I think I need to put myself in time out from the internet. LOL I spend waaaaaay too much time online. I'm just not sure I have the willpower. Sometimes I go through moods where I don't visit some sites I normally go to, or I lurk and not post. But if I am home all day, staying offline is harder. Not that it makes me more productive. I can easily waste time doing nothing much at all. Even though I have PLENTY I could be doing. Scrapping, cardmaking, sewing (several projects there!), organizing, knitting or crocheting....

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pamark1 said...

I have two words.... Mindless...and...Internet! LOLOL

I've been on more lately. We took this week off from doing school so here I am. I could be doing the scrapbook, although I have the first page laid out. I could be cleaning...naaaah! I have too many books coming through the front door!! :) Next week we start back with school, so I will be on less... hahahahahaa....I doubt it.