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Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Saturday, February 11, 2012

the internet.... again

I wasn't going to stay on that long. Really. Then reading one post about genealogy on a forum I go to, and I get sucked in looking around the internet for clues. And since I don't even know who my father's parents were or his birth name, I might've wasted all that time barking up the wrong tree. Ooops... No pun was intended. LMAO.
I ended up coming across a website for the Massachusetts archives that says to contact Judicial Archives about adoption records. So I just emailed to see if it's possible to have the records opened and how to do that. My father and his parents are all dead and have been for over 10 years. I think it's ridiculous to keep info from people. Anyway, even if they will open them it'll probably end up being for some stupid price over $20.
I heard he was told his birth parents died in a train accident. One could assume that is why he was put out for adoption. Which means his birth could be in local records. I have contacted the library from the town he was born in, but it was like pulling teeth with people not getting back to you and giving you full info. I even tried like 10 years apart. I tried google searching with a name I got recently, but can't find anything about a child's birth for the couple. Which would've been not long before they died and before the 1940 census which is coming out soon. He would've already been with my grandparents by then.
The likelyhood of ever seeing pics of my father's ancestors... slim to none. That would be really cool to see what they looked like. I'd like to know where the heritage traces back to, before the United States.

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