Why is peace so hard? she said & I said peace is easy.
Keeping our mouths shut is hard.

~ Brian Andreas

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Speaking of dreams....

This is of the nocturnal kind.
I had one this morning. I don't recall the events before this part of the dream or if it just started randomly. But I was in a high school girls' bathroom. And the stalls were pretty much open. Well, in the beginning of the dream the stalls had side walls but the stalls were pretty big and wide and the 'door' wasn't very big so really you could see in quite clearly. I think as my dream went on the walls shrank even more. Anyway, there I was doing my business and these boys were coming into the bathroom. Of course, this is a rather uncomfortable situation. (And the bathroom was extremely large, like a small cafeteria size.) It gets busier in there with more people and boys coming in there. I think at this point the bathroom was pretty much like a lobby kind of area - where some people walk through to leave but others were hanging about. Now I'm getting really bothered and at some point I'm starting to yell at the boys to get out. Bad enough to be sitting there but I needed to wipe and I really didn't want THAT being observed! Now the last party is fuzzy because I was starting to wake up but I think I ended up trying to pull my clothes up as discreetly as possible while trying to come up from a sitting position and not give everyone the full monty below the waist.
I have some seriously weird and disturbing dreams!


TR said...

oK.. my dream from this morning.....

I was meeting a lady to go shopping or something. I picked her up and realized I forgotten something at home. We saw some people along the road waiting for a red light and she decided to wait there with them because she knew them while I ran home to get my forgotten thing. Then for some reason we decided I leave the car there and I'd walk home (quite a distance! I might add) It was very crowded (cars/people) where I left her so I gave her the keys to go park the car and said I'd be right back.

So I start walking along (in the middle) of this divided hi-way and the area is not paved. I thought I had been walking on the hi-way but then all the sudden it was grassy. I could see cars swishing by they were kinda above me too.

So I keep walking and the grassy area starts gradually getting narrower and the sides steeper. Then all the sudden there is someone far behind me in dark clothing. I'm scared. I can not see who it is. By now it is so narrow that even if I did run back (because the sides of the dry grassy "ditch" at this point are so high I can not climb up, I tried!) I would not be able to get past this person without touching them.

They caught up to me. Now I'm having trbl even getting threw the narrow because it is so tight. I can see then end. I tell the person I want to go back but they insist I go forward.... "I won't fit"! I say. This person is bigger physically than me and replies. "Yes you will. I've been all the way before and made it."

I woke up. Wide awake. Thinking of this.

I have a situation in my life right now and I'm thinking this may be a direct result of the trbl I am having getting my mind around it and pressing on.


Chris said...

Oh those scary dreams! I have dreams with re-occurring themes. One is of getting lost in a maze of streets. I used to dream of being in a busy place and discovering I wasn't wearing any clothes. Another was walking along tiny cliff pathways high above water that was filled with whirlpools. Looking ahead I could see the path grew even more narrow and treacherous until it came to one of those swinging string bridges that would take me to the other side and safety. I always woke up before reaching the bridge.
These days I mostly have nice dreams.

TR, I hope you'll soon be able to deal with your problem in a satisfactory way.